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Need simple step by step tutorial to configure server and client and test
me9422 (18)
7/28/2006 10:36:59 PM
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That's a pretty tall order. The deployment guide is here:

MS has TONS of documentation on their website. Little having to do with 
Exchange is simple, though.

"tech" <> wrote in message 
> Need simple step by step tutorial to configure server and client and test
> connectivity
> Thanks 

missy5697 (66)
7/28/2006 10:59:50 PM
Learn this

and buy some books and read,
William Boswell and Jim MCBee are the best in my opinion


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"Missy Koslosky [MVP]" wrote:

> That's a pretty tall order. The deployment guide is here: 
> MS has TONS of documentation on their website. Little having to do with 
> Exchange is simple, though.
> "tech" <> wrote in message 
> news:fkwyg.24698$
> > Need simple step by step tutorial to configure server and client and test
> > connectivity
> > Thanks 
7/29/2006 3:12:02 AM
Go to

The try the Virtual Labs for Exchange Server 2003 section.

"tech" <> wrote in message 
> Need simple step by step tutorial to configure server and client and test
> connectivity
> Thanks 

exchange.mvp (559)
7/29/2006 6:24:03 AM

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I've got an interesting issue. We caught the Station virus last week and we have been having problems ever since. A few of our workstations caught the virus, started spamming some of the companies that we do a lot of business with and consequently we got listed on Spamhaus. We have two Exchange 2003 SMTP servers connected through a internet mail connector. I checked the two nat'd IP addresses at Spamhaus and they were not listed. After going through all of our external IPs I came up with three IPs with issues. Each of the three IPs is the outside interface IP of our three firewal...

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Until last week, we ran a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory environment(single domain) with a sole, ancient Exchange 5.5 server on a Windows NT box. About a year ago, some outside company brought in a Sun Server and, without my intervention, was able to set up that box to email outside the company a report every week. To my knowledge, nobody had to do anything to the Exchange server to get this to work. Now last week we migrated that sole exchange server to Exchange 2003. Everything works perfectly, but that Sun Server no longer can send out emails. The Sun server has the new IP ...

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I am running a new Exchange 2003 server in mixed mode with an Exchange 5.5 server. I have an ADC connection agreement that is working to my old server. I mark users as "Hide from address lists", but this has no effect. These users and distribution lists still appear in the GAL. The Recipient Update Service is running, and working. I have rebuilt and forced them to replicate with no change. I have seen many posts on Google with this problem, but no solutions. Little help??? Aaron Gabrielson they show in the GAL on the 2003 side, or the 5.5 side? ...

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Hello all, I recently migrated from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003 using ADC and things were fine. I later deleted ADC and moved Exchange 2003 to native mode. I recently found out that the public folders have not been migrated. I earler used the pfmigrate script in exchange 2003. For some reason it had just created blank folders with no data on it. Now i want to migrate/transfer the public folders content(like forms) from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003 computer. Please help. Best, Karthik ...

Exchange 2003 Not Storing Email in Sent Items
We just migrated over to 2003 and Exchange 2003 and have been noticing sporadic occasions of some email not being saved in sent items. No, there are no filter, rules or anything on the outlook clients and this does NOT happen on ever mail so "save sent items" is turned on. At first it seemed that it was only emails that were old but I have users reporting that after creating a brand new email they are not stored. I have another user that when he forwards a certain email it will not show up no matter how many times you try. I've logged in using OWE and other workstations with ...

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I have a user with a Sprint PalmOne Treo 650. Sprint advertises that this is supported by Exchange 2003 Server Active Sync. Microsoft has documented that Active Sync is included with Exchange 2003 at no additional cost. I have not been able to find documentation on how to install and configure Exchange 2003 Active Sync to support a Sprint PalmOne Treo 650. Can anyone point me to Microsoft or Sprint/PalmOne documentation on how to setup Exchange 2003 Active Sync to support a Treo 650? I work with the American Red Cross, a non-profit organization. I appreciate your help and support. On ...

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Hi all, Under 5.5 we could delete the SMTP address of a user, who was terminated or left, to disallow email from coming in from the outside. Under 2003, if you only have theSMTP address, it won't let you delete it because it is the primary address. Is there a way to bypass this or some function I am not aware of to delete the address. We don't delete or archive the email account right away for various reasons but need to disable smtp traffic. Thanks in advance. Chris Do you disable the user account once they leave? If this is the case anyone who sends to this user will receive...

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In Exchange 5.5 there used to be Default mail box where all unresolved recipient emails used to get diverted. I am unable to find a setting in Exchange 2003 to achieve this.All the incoming SMTP mail with misspelt name stay in the queue untill expiry time and then get deleted. I have no possiblity to correct recipient address in the queue also. Is any one able to help in this regard? Any tips for this will be appreciated. Thanks These mails are usually deposited in the Bad Mail Folder under your exchsrvr directory. You can verify by checking your SMTP VS settings. -- John Oliver, J...

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Hi - One (only one) user does not receive internal mail from a different site until he sends mail to that site (both servers Exchange 5.5, client is Windows XP w/ Outlook 2000 SP3), then he gets whatever is waiting for him in the queue all at once. Does not seem to happen when sending to the outside, only on internal servers--and it's only one user? Weird. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue or what is going on? Thanks! bhr The new mail notification uses UDP - it's likely that this is being blocked on the workstation itself by the built-in firewall after applying SP1 for XP. He...

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Hi everyone, I'd like to know if in Dynamics CRM v4 you need exchange to route the incoming mail to the queues, because I have heard that in version 4 you don't need to have exchange server. We have Lotus Domino as email server and we'd like to get the incoming mail via E-mail Router Configuration Mnager in Dynamics CRM v4. I don't know if these steps are correct: 1. Create two profiles (one for incoming mails and one for outgoing mails) 2. Create a new deployment to connect with dynamics CRM server. 3. Load Data. 4. Modify the incoming or outgoing profile for a user or que...

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Hi, I want to setup a simple procedure to archive all messages for all mailboxes on my server, on a yearly basis. My idea is to run the following command for each one : Export-Mailbox -Identity mailbox1 -PSTFolderPath d:\export\mailbox1-2009.pst -StartDate "2009/01/01" -EndDate "2009/12/31" Customers will open the corresponding PST file whenever they need. I'm wondering if all folders are exported. According to Technet (, only the standard folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Junk, ...) ...

Remove Exchange 2000 from organization, whilst keeping Exchange 2003
We have an Exchange 2000 server (SP3 running on Windows 2000 SP4), which was the first Exchange server in the organization. Originally it had AD installed on it. We have since installed a 2 node a/p Exchange 2003 cluster (SP1 running on Windows 2003 SP1. No AD running on the cluster), and migrated our users across to it. AD has been removed from the Exchange 2000 server Our AD domain functional level is Windows 2000 mixed We would like to decommission the Exchange 2000 server. Are there any gotcha�s that we should be aware of, due to it being the first Exchange server in the organization? Wh...

Cached Exchange Mode not selected but OST file is still created.
I'm trying to figure out why an OST file is being created even though Exchange Cached mode is not selected. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue? I'm using Outlook 2003 with the latest updates. Thanks, Jaycee Is the machine configured for offline folders, which are still available = as an option if Cached Exchange mode is not used?=20 --=20 Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP Author of Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for=20 Administrators, Power Users, and Developers ...

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Hello I recently got called to clietns site to fix some AD issues. To make a long story short, one of the DC in the domain had just been turned off, this DC had all 5 FSMO roles on it. There are 2 more DC in the domain, but the dont have any of the FSMO roles. This company alos runs exchaneg 2003 sp1. I was able to seize the roles to one of the live DC but for the life of me i cant understand how exchange 2003 was able to fucntion without being able to fidn a DC with the FSMO roles? The DC in question has been off line for over a year, but the client hasnt had any issue with Exhchange...

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I've read that exchange 2003 standard has a 16 GB limitation for mailbox stores. The question is: is this a limitation for ONE mailbox store on a given server or is it a limitation of TOTAL size of mailbox stores on a given server? Thanks Andrew Lomakin [MCP] Hi, The limitation for std. edt. is 1 storage group with 1 mailbox store and 1 public folder store, Max. 16 GB pr. store. If that dosn't meet your requirements use Enterprise edt. Regards. Peter Haugaard Larsen "Andrew Lomakin" <> wrot...

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Hi! I know this is not the best configuration, and im trying to avoid installing and having to go through the tweaking of IMF for exchange, but heres the situation. All the users use outlook directly from a terminal server session. Is there any possable way to get the junk mail filter to work on for the clients that use the TS? Ive used the ORK to do a cutom build and add the cached exchange mode, but when you go into any spam filter option, and gives the cached mode warning,, and even with it set on high, nothing is getting caught. We just want to get something in place untill we get financ...

Custom created calendars
Hi Is there a way I can load custom created calendar days to calendar that was created under public folders on Exchange 2000/2003. If the information is in a format that Outlook can import, import it to a folder in your mailbox, then move the items to the public folder. -- Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP Author of Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for Administrators, Power Users, and Developers "Damir" <> wrote in message &g...

Strange problem in Exchange SBS2003
Hi all, I use SBS2003 for our office to send mail (receive is going trough another channel). Sending of all email was working just fine until recently i got the following strange message for a specific outgoing email: -- A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.3.0 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID <006449A3FD21D845B0C3027AE7F72DEC448C@proliant2003.mydomain.local>). Causes: Exchange mistakenly attempted mail delivery to an incorrect MTA route. For more information, click Solution: Check your route and t...

set up Treo 700W on exchange
Hey I have been tasked with setting up a new Treo 700W to work with out e2k3 server. We currently have a BES which gets all Outlook data to our fleet of Blackberries but I though there was a similar option available for the Treo through the Mobile Services under Global settings in Exchanges. Verizon says I need to leave my PC on running their software to achieve full Outlook sync. This seems to be an old fashioned idea considering I have a laptop that I take with me everywhere. How do I set up wireless sync in exchange?