Exchange memory utilization

Is there any documentation detailing the exchange 2003 memory utilization , 
especially in coordination with the max store size.



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2/3/2007 10:18:25 PM
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What do you want to know?  Exchange will use all the memory it can in the 
box, up to 4GB, for caching, and this isn't a function of store size.  It 
will release memory so that other processes can get what they need.
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
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"MSNews" <> wrote in message 
> Is there any documentation detailing the exchange 2003 memory utilization 
> , especially in coordination with the max store size.
> thanks
> CR

curspice6401 (3487)
2/4/2007 5:33:35 AM
Very good article:


o.moazzeziNO (822)
2/5/2007 10:52:04 AM

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What is the best way to set one of these up?? I have created a new user and added the people who need access to the security of the mailbox is this the right way of doing things?? Then added the mailbox through Outlook Thoughts on this please. Cheers Iain You can either do this, or you can create a Public Folder. Both have advantages and disadvantages. My personal recommendation would be to go with the user/mailbox as you have done. -- Ben Winzenz Exchange MVP MessageOne Read my blog! (RSS Feed) "Iain"...