Exchange 5.5 upgrade to Exchange 2003

I am hoping to upgrade my Exchange 5.5 organization to 
Exchange 2003 by using the move mailbox method.  I have 
run the exdeploy /orgnamecheck command and received the 
following error.  Will this cause any problems with 
Exchange 2003?

Also, I currently run Exchange 5.5 Enterprise Edition on 
Windows 2000 Server Standard.  Can I run Exchange Server 
2003 Enterprise on Windows Server 2003 Standard?

Thanks in advance,

Warning: Organization or Site Relative Distinguished Name 
(RDN) 'My Company, Inc.' in the Exchange 5.5 directory 
contains a leading space, a trailing space, one or more 
of ,=+<>#\"*() characters, or too many question marks. 
Please see Knowledge Base article Q281456 if you want to 
upgrade any Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange Server 2003 
by upgrading to Exchange 2000 Server first.
#*** Organization and Site Names Check finished: 
02/16/2004 16:38:33 ***

anonymous (74721)
2/16/2004 10:45:13 PM
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1. Just change the display name of your organistion.
2. You need to use E2K3 on W2K3 ideally, but you can have 
E2K3 on W2K
This matrix might not come out too well, but it's also to 
be found here:

Supported configurations	Windows Server operating 
system	Active Directory environment
Exchange Version	Windows 2000 + SP3	Windows 
Server 2003	Windows 2000 + SP3	Windows Server 
Exchange 5.5 + SP3	Yes	No	Not applicable
	Not applicable
Exchange 2000 + SP2	Yes	No	Yes	Yes
Exchange 2000 + SP3	Yes	No	Yes	Yes
Exchange 2003	Yes	Yes	Yes	Yes

>-----Original Message-----
>I am hoping to upgrade my Exchange 5.5 organization to 
>Exchange 2003 by using the move mailbox method.  I have 
>run the exdeploy /orgnamecheck command and received the 
>following error.  Will this cause any problems with 
>Exchange 2003?
>Also, I currently run Exchange 5.5 Enterprise Edition on 
>Windows 2000 Server Standard.  Can I run Exchange Server 
>2003 Enterprise on Windows Server 2003 Standard?
>Thanks in advance,
>Warning: Organization or Site Relative Distinguished 
>(RDN) 'My Company, Inc.' in the Exchange 5.5 directory 
>contains a leading space, a trailing space, one or more 
>of ,=+<>#\"*() characters, or too many question marks. 
>Please see Knowledge Base article Q281456 if you want to 
>upgrade any Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange Server 2003 
>by upgrading to Exchange 2000 Server first.
>#*** Organization and Site Names Check finished: 
>02/16/2004 16:38:33 ***
mark7219 (5666)
2/17/2004 9:05:56 AM
According to Microsoft, they want you to upgrade to exchange 2000 before you can make the move to 2003

My question is, is there ANYWAY around doing this? We have exchange 5.5 too and we just purchased a copy of exchange 2003. Seems kind of a complete waste to purchase a copy of exchange 2000 JUST to upgrade it immediately to exchange 2003. Maybe microsoft should provide a free copy of exchange 2000 to those users who have purchased exchange 2003.
nbloem (1)
2/18/2004 1:41:04 PM

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