Exch2003 SMTP connector send outgoing mail very slow to smart host

Dear Sir,
           Just installed first exch2003 and join in exch55 organisation, 
move all the users mailbox to exch2003.  Create smtp connector in 
exch2003,both exch server smtp connector configure using smart host.  Cost 
for smtp connector for exch2003 set to 1 and exch55 is 10.  All the outgoing 
mail through exch2003 smtp connector very slow to send out.  Caused all the 
outgoing mail queueing.  If I make the outgoing mail through exch55 IMC, 
outgoing mail very fast to send out.  Both server running Trend micro scan 
mail.  Version different.  Tested without scan mail in exch2003 same problem. 
 All the outgoing mail will forward to relay server, relay server running 
Linux sent mail with 8.XX version.  This relay server accepted more than 400 
site from world wide.  Only my server having problem.  
      I have open case in Microsoft support regarding this problem.  After 
Microsoft engineer remote access my server and use Netmon to capture the 
packet.  Based on the netmon analysis, it tell me that packet from remote 
site having long latency problem.  He explain the packet sent from myserver 
is ok, but remote server response take few second to response, it is not 
right.  The MS engineer told me that smtp traffic response from remote server 
should less than one second.  MS engineer also capture packet from exch55 
server, also having the long latency problem.  How can exch55 IMC can work 
well with long latency and exch2003 can't?
   My manager keep pressure me to solve this problem as soon as possible, he 
keep saying exch2003 problem.  MS engineer found out is network problem.  My 
manager don't believe this.  He keep ask me why exch55 without any problem.  
I did mention this to MS engineer, he reply because exch55 sending mail only, 
exch2003 is send and receiving.  If we put sending and receiving in exch55 
will get the same problem.  I will try this on this few days, see any problem 
in exch55 sending and receiving.  MS Engineer wanted me to solve the network 
problem first but do I solved I do not know where is the root caused.

   Is anyone can tell me how do I troubleshoot on this problem?  Or you have 
any good suggestion or idea about this problem please let me know.  

Basic Network diagram


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4/3/2005 3:43:02 PM
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