Exch 5.5 to 2003 ADMT \ ADC migration order question

Hi guys.

I've been reading posts and performing tests in the run up to a
Exchange 5.5 to 2003 intra-org migration.

In everyone's opinion, which is the best order

-> ADC (not enabled)
-> ADMT to create new AD account (run in batches)
-> ADClean to marry disabled place holder and new account (run in
-> movemailbox ( in batches as part of rolling migration)

The above seems to have issues with no self rights so if you remove
SIDhistory after the migration is done, wont the systems permission go
bang as it's masking the lack of self rights?


-> ADMT to create all the new AD account
-> ADC
-> movemailbox ( in batches as part of rolling migration)

In this case is the self-rights ok? And as we are doing a rolling
migration across several servers on a site per site basis, is it an
idea to manually set the ADC CA's to refresh (i.e run to update) when
requested in case a new user is added to the NT 5.5 side during the
migration. Then can run ADMT first to capture the account, then refresh

the CA to update both sides?

Again the same question regarding the self rights, and regarding
running the MS SIDhistory removal script with this method (would it
bugger up). 

Really appreciate any feed back.

6/16/2005 6:44:17 AM
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My testing has shown there's definatly a difference in the rights set
ADC -> ADMT -> ADClean move mailbox
and a
ADMT ->ADC -> move mailbox

It seems that ADMT is the way to go (and suspect the MS supported way?)

6/16/2005 8:38:47 AM
"KarlC" <karl.chaloner@talk21.com> wrote in news:1118911127.714374.167770

> ADMT ->ADC -> move mailbox
> It seems that ADMT is the way to go (and suspect the MS supported way?)

Yeah, get the accounts in place first. That will mean less work for the ADC 
to do.


Arlo Clizer
Exchange MVP
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aclizer2311 (412)
6/16/2005 5:55:46 PM
Cheers for that, however.....

We have found a weird issue with the "Self"  mailbox right.....

Following the standard procedure to the letter....

ADMT v2 first of all (used Sidhistory).

ADC (latest version)

I viewed the mailbox permissions at this point, there was no self right
on the mailbox but the users NT4 and AD accounts were listed.

Moved mailbox from 5.5 to 2003.

Refreshed ADC.

Checked rights again,  still no "self" assigned to the mailbox. Hmmmm.

Any thoughts?

6/24/2005 2:55:28 PM
I can't get my head around why the permissions are set like this if we
do the "correct" ADMT (with SIDhistory), ADC, Move mailbox process.

Question 1.....Following the "correct" ADMT, ADC, move mailbox
process, why is there no "self" right against the mailbox? (In fact
this is the same even if ADC is done first).

Question 2.... When doing the ADMT, ADC, move mailbox, has anyone found
issues when a 5.5 account has delegate access to a MIGRATED 2003
mailbox, even when the self right is added? (works ok once they are
both migrated across).

Question 3.....When you do a ADC, ADMT, then ADClean then move mailbox
there is ONLY the NT4 account why?

Question 4.... Is there any detailed info on this process? The
deployment guide seems just to say right do ADMT, ADC, move and Bob's
your uncle, it doesn't really give the detailed info (I can understand
why) on how the permissions are set like this. I'd love to get a thread
going on this as it's an interesting topic!

6/25/2005 7:51:16 PM
answers answers answers....

Question 1...
No matter which migration path you take (either ADC first or ADMT
first) you don't get self mailbox rights, this only occurs on fresh new

Question 2...
Yes, delegate access is buggered up when you follow the standard ADMT
first. This is because both the delegate and the delegator both have
been ADMT'd ,
If Delegates are an issue during co-existence, go for ADC first then
ADMT ADClean etc (then you find delegates works both ways, but only
send on behalf of doesn't work)

Question 3...
It's just the way the migration pans out. Different processes give
different results. ADC first, Add self and AD account but ensure the
associated external account (and therefore MAS is cleared)

Question 4...
No not in the public domain which is a real shame. If in doubt raise a
call with MS.
MS seem to push the ADMT first as less steps in the process (i.e no
ADClean etc) are needed. ADC first is ok providing you don't enable the
>From what I've found ADC first, then ADMT \ ADClean move mailboxes is
best for rolling migrations but was always worried about what is the
correct way.

Important! DO NOT rely on the above or any white paper or newsgroup
posting as each deployment requires different methods. Above all TEST

7/11/2005 3:24:21 PM

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