eseutil /p error

ive restored our exchange 5.5 database to a different server and im trying to 
repair our priv.edb database using the eseutil /p command. The database size 
is around 300Gb. When running the eseutil /p it progresses to around 50% and 
then stops with the following error:

Assertion Failed: dPercentage >=0, file G:\ese97\src\eseutil\edbutil.cxx, 
line 563.

Does anybody know what this error could be and how to resolve it?

Also I dont know if it contributes to the problem but the G: drive in the 
error doesnt exist on the server.

4/12/2005 9:13:02 AM
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Why are you running eseutil?

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 02:13:02 -0700, "paul.costello"
<> wrote:

>ive restored our exchange 5.5 database to a different server and im trying to 
>repair our priv.edb database using the eseutil /p command. The database size 
>is around 300Gb. When running the eseutil /p it progresses to around 50% and 
>then stops with the following error:
>Assertion Failed: dPercentage >=0, file G:\ese97\src\eseutil\edbutil.cxx, 
>line 563.
>Does anybody know what this error could be and how to resolve it?
>Also I dont know if it contributes to the problem but the G: drive in the 
>error doesnt exist on the server.

adavid (8731)
4/12/2005 12:38:43 PM

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