emailing groups

To accomplish:

1. Some email groups need to be limited to only certain people for use. 
Example; only the IT users can use the Information Technology group along 
with Tom, Bob, and Jon.

2. Some email groups can be used by anyone, but before the email is actually 
sent, someone reviews the email and authorizes it to go out.

3. Some email groups and name in AD need to be hidden from display.

How hard is it to do the above?

3/6/2006 3:14:45 PM
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1 and 3 are relatively simple.

1. Check the groups' properties | Exchange General | select "Only From" and 
populate list of senders (including groups, including itself) who can send 
to the group. Check "From Authenticated Users Only" to receive messages from 
internal users only if you need.

2. No  built-in way to moderate email to groups. You can control who can 
email groups - using the method above - and have all senders email messages 
intended for groups (particularly large distribution groups like All 
Company) to one or a few designated senders so only "appropriate" email gets 
through to those distribution groups. If you're looking for mailing list 
functionality there are several out there that work with or without Exchange 

There's free stuff like the free edition of listserv - - you don't need to install
it on an Exchange server.

GFI Mail Essentials also has a list server, can install it on Windows SMTP
server (Exchange doesn't need to be installed).

Also check Ikakura

3. To hide a mail recipient from Exchange address lists, go to recipient 
(group in this case) properties | Exchange Advanced and check "Hide group 
from Exchange address lists "

Bharat Suneja

"Brandon" <> wrote in message 
> To accomplish:
> 1. Some email groups need to be limited to only certain people for use. 
> Example; only the IT users can use the Information Technology group along 
> with Tom, Bob, and Jon.
> 2. Some email groups can be used by anyone, but before the email is 
> actually sent, someone reviews the email and authorizes it to go out.
> 3. Some email groups and name in AD need to be hidden from display.
> How hard is it to do the above?

bharatsuneja1 (3146)
3/6/2006 3:31:20 PM

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