Email trouble with New User in Active Directory

Below is a trail of posts that have been made.  My 
problem has yet to resolved and I need some help 
quickly.  The only other thing I can think of is to 
reinstall Exchange Server 2003.  Hopefully someone will 
know the answer.


Subject:  Re: Email not Setup when new user created in 
Active Directory 
 From:  "Bryan Hill" <> Sent:  
8/15/2004 12:30:21 PM 


We have other clients that are working fine.  Just when 
we try to set up new ones - it will create the SMTP 
address but not the X400 address.  I tried manually 
forcing the X400 but it will not work.  Try to do a check 
name and it doesn't recognize it.  

Not sure why it was working but not for new users now.


>-----Original Message-----
>Are the clients pointing to a valid internal DNS server 
that knows
>about the Exch Server?
>What exactly happens when you try to connect them? Can 
you do a "Check
>Name" when you setup their Outlook profile?
>On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 08:16:41 -0700, "Bryan Hill" 
>>I tried doing this - at least I think I did.  I went to 
>>System Manager/Recipients/Recipient Update Service and 
>>clicked on Update Now.  Still having the same problem 
>>with the new user and others if I try to create them.  
>>there something else I need to do?  Please help - we 
>>new employees starting tomorrow morning and we need to 
>>have their email working.
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>In the last exciting episode, "Bryan Hill" 
>><> wrote:
>>>>Microsoft Server 2003/Exchange 2003 -
>>>>We have a network with about 50 users set up in 
>>>>Directory.  I went to create a new user and set his 
>>>>address up and email doesn't work.  He can log onto 
>>>>network but I can't connect him to the Exchange 
>>>>Not sure exactly what is happening.
>>>If the user's Exchange attributes aren't being stamped 
>>check to see if
>>>the Recipient Update service is working and/or try 
>>manually forcing
>>>the RUS to run. 
>>>Chris Scharff
>>>-- ROT13 for valid SMTP address --

bthill (9)
8/15/2004 9:26:49 PM
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