Directory Replication Problem #2

Hi, recently my Exchange Server directory database 
receives changes from other servers but does not send out 
its own changes. Check from the knowledge base, to 
correct the USN discrepancy need to use Authrest.exe 
(need to amke changes for about 100+ users).

Does anybody know where to get this file 'Authrest.exe' 
for exchange server 5.5? Exchange server 5.5 CD only 
provide this file for ver.4.0. Have anyone use it before?

7/12/2004 9:38:41 AM
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"Sharon Tan" <> wrote:

>Hi, recently my Exchange Server directory database 
>receives changes from other servers but does not send out 
>its own changes. Check from the knowledge base, to 
>correct the USN discrepancy need to use Authrest.exe 
>(need to amke changes for about 100+ users).
>Does anybody know where to get this file 'Authrest.exe' 
>for exchange server 5.5? Exchange server 5.5 CD only 
>provide this file for ver.4.0. Have anyone use it before?

Call Microsoft and ask for it. The program used to be available, IIRC,
on the Exchange 5.5 ResKit CD.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
7/14/2004 12:50:24 AM

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