delete server...routing master error


I have 2 exchange servers (exch 2003) and i have to delete 
one of them.
I changed all replication etc...(before we had also a 5.5 
which is already removed) but when i stop the services and 
try to remove the server via system manager of my second 
exchange (the one that will stay) i get an error message 
that my server that i want to delete is the routing master 
for that group.

How can i make my other server the routing master ?
i don't have any site replication (deleted it because not 
necessary anymore).

anonymous (74721)
8/24/2004 9:33:20 AM
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Go to routing groups > first routing group > members
Select server
Right click and choose [set as master].



"Philippe" <> wrote in message
> hello,
> I have 2 exchange servers (exch 2003) and i have to delete
> one of them.
> I changed all replication etc...(before we had also a 5.5
> which is already removed) but when i stop the services and
> try to remove the server via system manager of my second
> exchange (the one that will stay) i get an error message
> that my server that i want to delete is the routing master
> for that group.
> How can i make my other server the routing master ?
> i don't have any site replication (deleted it because not
> necessary anymore).
> thnx,
> Philippe

anonymous (74721)
8/24/2004 10:14:30 AM

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