Database Recovery Tool + specifc problem

Please point me to a "simple" document or reference for using the
Exchange 2003 Database recovery tool.

I have looked at the Microsoft document which is available, and it is
not practical in my limited experience for my purpose.

I also have a specific problem I am struggling with.

I have a problem where my log files and database references are out of
I have tried all the ese and Integrity tools, but nothing here is
helpful, apart form telling me my mail store files are not corrupt .
As far a I can ascertain my database is actually fine, and "Clean" but
because of the asynchronous references I cannot do any regular backups
or restore on my current database or previously backed up databases.

Can someone give me a guide on ho I best get out of this issue??

I might have to do an exmerge operation, but if there is better option
I would be happy to know!?

many thanks


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1/5/2007 11:27:37 AM
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