Data Migration

I have edb files from E 5.5 (E 5.5 server is no longer available). I have 
setup all users' mailboxes on a new E 2003 server. How can I import data from 
5.5's edb files. Is there a step by step artilce ?

SAM4137 (239)
6/12/2005 3:52:01 AM
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    Your best bet is to build another Exchange 5.5 server and then ExMerge 
the data in that store out to PST files.   There is no way to get that data 
out of the database files without 3rd party help.

    However, if the data is really important to you, there are a couple of 
3rd party products that make this a breeze.   Quest Software's Recovery 
Manager for Exchange ( 
will let you mount that database without a 5.5 server anywhere within 1,000 
miles.  :-)   You can then move the mail out to a PST file.   Ontrack's 
PowerControls will do the same thing. 
Both are slick and will let you do what you need to do.


Jim McBee

"Sam" <> wrote in message
>I have edb files from E 5.5 (E 5.5 server is no longer available). I have
> setup all users' mailboxes on a new E 2003 server. How can I import data 
> from
> 5.5's edb files. Is there a step by step artilce ?

jmcbee9404 (625)
6/12/2005 9:28:34 PM
Here is a 3rd party tool

"Sam" <> wrote in message
>I have edb files from E 5.5 (E 5.5 server is no longer available). I have
> setup all users' mailboxes on a new E 2003 server. How can I import data 
> from
> 5.5's edb files. Is there a step by step artilce ?

exchange.mvp (559)
6/12/2005 11:21:53 PM

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