Connecting to boxes moved from 5.5 to 2003

I have a small organization, with about 60 clients and I'm working on an AD 
converison. I worked with a consultant to setup a new AD domain with the 
requisite trust with my old NT domain and the ADC. I have no problem moving 
test boxes over to the AD/Exchange03 machine, but I am not certain what the 
next steps in the process for accessing the moved boxes should be. I though I 
could simply "enable" the moved accounts I see in AD Users and Computers, but 
even after resetting pw's and enableing the acct, I am immediately challenged 
with a bad pw/username error when I attempt to login; and my consultant said 
that I wouldn't be able to do that. The consultant is temporarily 
unavailable, so I'm experimenting with other solutions. Next, I've tried 
adding a new AD account for the prospective enduser, assuming I could 
re-attach the moved box to that new account. Apparently the box is still tied 
to the moved account, so I've used the "Remove Exchange Attributes" option to 
clear the box from the old/moved account. Then, after executing a "Run 
Mailbox Cleanup" routine in Exchange System Mgr, I am able to connect the 
moved box to the new account. 

This process seems to work, but seems combersome, when I have a moved 
account sitting right in my "55MAILSERVER"-RECIP folder in AD Users. So, my 
question are: Why can't I simply enable the account that has been moved to 
the AD side and then log into it? 

If not, is my solution of moving the boxes, removing exchange attributes, 
then reconnecting the best practice??? 
Thank you all in advance. 
krexroth (4)
8/1/2005 4:02:04 PM
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