cant log in to OWA at night

I am getting the "440 login timeout" error when my user login overnight.  I cannot find where there might be something limiting time to login. Is it in IIS 6  I am running Win2003 server, EXch 2003 I have only one exchange server that also runs OWA. During the daytime hours no one has any problems logging in to OWA. I have recently moved all mailboxs to the Ex2003 server from a Exch5.5 server. Currently the Exch5.5 server receives all the mail and forwards it to the Exch. 2003 server. not sure if this could be the problem. getting ready to bring down the 5.5 server and change the MX record to the new exch 2003 server andy help?
anonymous (74721)
6/9/2004 7:56:01 PM
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"Sam" <> wrote in message
> I am getting the "440 login timeout" error when my user login overnight.
> I cannot find where there might be something limiting time to login. Is it
> in IIS 6  I am running Win2003 server, EXch 2003 I have only one exchange
> server that also runs OWA. During the daytime hours no one has any problems
> logging in to OWA. I have recently moved all mailboxs to the Ex2003 server
> from a Exch5.5 server. Currently the Exch5.5 server receives all the mail
> and forwards it to the Exch. 2003 server. not sure if this could be the
> problem. getting ready to bring down the 5.5 server and change the MX record
> to the new exch 2003 server andy help?

barise (94)
6/10/2004 4:56:26 AM

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