Broken ADC ?

I worked on migrating our SBS Exchange 5.5 to our new SBS 
Exchange2k3 over the weekend. 

I didn't get all the work done, so I just turned the 2k3 
server off, tested sending internal mail from client to 
client then went home.  

This morning, it would seem that internet mail isn't going 
out.  Here's the message error I'm getting.

 '' on 4/26/04 9:44 AM
            Unable to deliver the message due to a 
communications failure
	The MTS-ID of the original message is: 
c=US;a= ;p=AVA;l=SERVER-040426174411Z-127
            MSEXCH:IMS:AVA:SERVER:SERVER 3902 (000B09AA) 
Host Unknown5.5

I've checked the port forwarding in my router - and can 
telnet to both ports 110 and 25.  I've started and 
stopped, the internet mail service on the exchange 5.5 
box.  And there aren't any messages in the queues.

Any help you can 
fish3945 (1)
4/26/2004 6:03:19 PM
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"Mark Matsusaki" <> wrote:

					[ snip ]

> '' on 4/26/04 9:44 AM
>            Unable to deliver the message due to a 
>communications failure
>	The MTS-ID of the original message is: 
>c=US;a= ;p=AVA;l=SERVER-040426174411Z-127
>            MSEXCH:IMS:AVA:SERVER:SERVER 3902 (000B09AA) 
>Host Unknown5.5
>I've checked the port forwarding in my router - and can 
>telnet to both ports 110 and 25.  I've started and 
>stopped, the internet mail service on the exchange 5.5 
>box.  And there aren't any messages in the queues.
>Any help you can 

'host unknown' is a dns problem, not an exchange problem.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
4/26/2004 10:46:15 PM

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