Advice needed on Ex2000/Win2000 upgrade to Ex2003/Win2003

Hi all.  I need some advice on upgrading an Ex2000/Win2000 box.  Any help or 
suggestions will be appreciated.  The server hardware is robust enough to not 
need replacing so we will reuse it.

The server has been upgraded before, from 5.5 to 2000.  I would however like 
to reinstall both Windows and Exchange from scratch as opposed to just 
upgrading.  Historically, I have always had less problems with full installs 
than upgrades and I have been told that the previous upgrade (5.5 to 2000) 
had issues.  I inherited the box from previous sysadmins with little 
documentation.  I do not have the resources available (another box) to create 
a swing method or move mailbox method upgrade.

My project plan is as follows:

1.  Backup server and exchange db's
2.  Ghost image (for quick recovery)
3.  In place upgrade to Ex2003
4.  In place upgrade to Win2003
5.  Backup exchange db's (neccessary?)
6.  Format server
7.  Install Win2003
8.  Install Ex2003
9.  Restore exchange db's
10.  Install other services (AV, backup agent, etc.)

This method should give me a freshly installed system with all our 
mailboxes, PF's and permissions intact, correct?  I will reuse the server 
name and IP of the old installation to avoid any issues with that aspect.  Is 
step 5 needed?  Can I restore Ex2000 db's to an Ex2003 store?  Any easier, 
more efficient way to do this?  Thanks in advance.
Dimitri (2)
11/21/2005 8:15:05 PM
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