4.4.7 error

I have problems on one client that they don't recieve all emails from people 
sending to them. I guess something is wrong in the configuration. When I do a 
nslookup -type=mx domain.com I just get unautharized answer. Also the ttl 
time is just 1800 when I do a dns report. Do the guys that handle the dns 
change this?

The people that doesn't get their mail throw get the 4.4.7 error in return.

Best regards
12/15/2009 11:41:01 PM
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Ed Crowley MVP
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"Surfer" <Surfer@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I have problems on one client that they don't recieve all emails from 
> sending to them. I guess something is wrong in the configuration. When I 
> do a
> nslookup -type=mx domain.com I just get unautharized answer. Also the ttl
> time is just 1800 when I do a dns report. Do the guys that handle the dns
> change this?
> The people that doesn't get their mail throw get the 4.4.7 error in 
> return.
> Best regards
> Jimmy 

12/16/2009 8:55:59 AM

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