Work out of a number is between a range and display YES or NO

Why wont my formula work?

=IF(AND(K90>1, K90<L90), "YES", "no")

In K90 I have the formula:
Which displays a number.

In box L90 I have the formula:
=(Master!L90) which displays from a different sheet a number.
ball.steve (22)
5/29/2009 3:10:57 AM
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Hi Steve,

It looks to me as if your formulae DO work - it's just that you're not getting the results you expect.

What are the *values* in K90 and L90? I note that K90 can often have text, not numbers! As may 'Master!L90'.

What do you expect to happen under different conditions?

[Microsoft MVP - Word]

"Steve" <> wrote in message
> Why wont my formula work?
> =IF(AND(K90>1, K90<L90), "YES", "no")
> In K90 I have the formula:
> =IF(E90="","",IF($B$4="",TODAY()-E90,IF(E90>$B$4,"Other",$B$4-E90)))
> Which displays a number.
> In box L90 I have the formula:
> =(Master!L90) which displays from a different sheet a number.
macropod1 (83)
5/29/2009 3:45:38 AM

Check if L90 is a TEXT.
How to check? -> if the number are aligned to left side of the cell, then 
they are text and if they are aligned to right side they are number. 
Click on Yes, if it is useful.  

Thanks & Best Regards,
Dilip Kumar Pandey
MBA, BCA, B.Com(Hons.)
New Delhi, India

"Steve" wrote:

> Why wont my formula work?
> =IF(AND(K90>1, K90<L90), "YES", "no")
> In K90 I have the formula:
>  =IF(E90="","",IF($B$4="",TODAY()-E90,IF(E90>$B$4,"Other",$B$4-E90)))
> Which displays a number.
> In box L90 I have the formula:
> =(Master!L90) which displays from a different sheet a number.
DILipandey (41)
5/29/2009 12:07:01 PM

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