why isn't this IF function working??

It currently isn't recognizing the values in column E.

This is what I am trying to do:
If D has text, return that value. If E has text, return that value.

And if possible, can I also add this as the final IF variable:
If both are zero, return "Zero"


9/6/2005 6:09:38 PM
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you did say text

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"broken" <broken.logan@gmail.com> wrote in message
> =IF(D26<>0,D26,IF(E26<>0,E26))
> It currently isn't recognizing the values in column E.
> This is what I am trying to do:
> If D has text, return that value. If E has text, return that value.
> And if possible, can I also add this as the final IF variable:
> If both are zero, return "Zero"
> Thanks!!!

9/6/2005 6:16:24 PM
Thanks for the suggstion, but it still only returns values for column
Not recognizing column E.

9/6/2005 6:25:48 PM
either touch the delete key in d1 or use this. someone touched the space bar
thereby returning a blank.

=IF(AND(D1<>" ",ISTEXT(D1)),D1,IF(ISTEXT(E1),E1,0))

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"broken" <broken.logan@gmail.com> wrote in message
> =IF(ISTEXT(D6),D6,IF(ISTEXT(E6),E6,0))
> Thanks for the suggstion, but it still only returns values for column
> D.
> Not recognizing column E.

9/6/2005 6:52:27 PM
On 6 Sep 2005 11:25:48 -0700, "broken" <broken.logan@gmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks for the suggstion, but it still only returns values for column
>Not recognizing column E.

What does it return if there is nothing in Column D?

ronrosenfeld (3122)
9/6/2005 7:42:45 PM

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