Vlookup and text format

If I have a cell formatted as TEXT and enter a Vlookup function, the cell
displays the Vlookup formula rather than the result.

If I try to reformat the cell to GENERAL the cell still displays the Vlookup

If I clear the cell, format it as GENERAL then re-enter the Vlookup it
displays the correct result.

Shouldn't I be able to change the format of the cell from TEXT to GENERAL
without having to re-enter the VLOOKUP function??

tgegan55 (3)
8/26/2004 4:04:56 AM
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Yes you can.
You then have to "re-enter" the formula to, (for want of a better term),
register the change.
*HOWEVER* ... re-enter doesn't necessarily mean to retype the entire
Simply clicking in the formula bar and then hitting <Enter> will do the job
*after* you change the format to General.

A nice keyboard shortcut to do all this in one shot is:
Select the "bad" formula cell, then,
<Ctrl> <Shift> <~>, then
<F2> <Enter>



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"hooper" <tgegan55@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> If I have a cell formatted as TEXT and enter a Vlookup function, the cell
> displays the Vlookup formula rather than the result.
> If I try to reformat the cell to GENERAL the cell still displays the
> formula.
> If I clear the cell, format it as GENERAL then re-enter the Vlookup it
> displays the correct result.
> Shouldn't I be able to change the format of the cell from TEXT to GENERAL
> without having to re-enter the VLOOKUP function??

ragdyer1 (4060)
8/26/2004 5:42:55 AM

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