VB code to insert/get data

Hi where can I find information and examples about inserting data to 
databse and getting from DB to excell ?
As far I know I need to use VBA code ?

hokah (84)
3/13/2005 2:00:43 PM
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Hi Peter

you can also query a database via data / get external data / new database 
query option ... and use MS Query to set criteria etc - unfortunately i'm 
not aware of any websites that have a write up on this.


"Piotr" <hokah@wp.pl> wrote in message news:d11h2e$ohe$1@inews.gazeta.pl...
> Hi where can I find information and examples about inserting data to 
> databse and getting from DB to excell ?
> As far I know I need to use VBA code ?
> regards
> Peter 

JulieD1 (2295)
3/13/2005 3:24:34 PM
I would rather use coding to let user change for example month period 
etc. as I want them to connect to DB from outside of the local network 
it would be better to querry just a minimal portion of data instead of 
filtering through a querry.

U´┐Żytkownik JulieD napisa´┐Ż:
> Hi Peter
> you can also query a database via data / get external data / new database 
> query option ... and use MS Query to set criteria etc - unfortunately i'm 
> not aware of any websites that have a write up on this.
> Cheers
> JulieD
> "Piotr" <hokah@wp.pl> wrote in message news:d11h2e$ohe$1@inews.gazeta.pl...
>>Hi where can I find information and examples about inserting data to 
>>databse and getting from DB to excell ?
>>As far I know I need to use VBA code ?
hokah (84)
3/13/2005 4:42:10 PM

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