Unprotect Sheet Password Lost

One of my users has inadvertently protected a worksheet (i.e. doesn't know
how he did it) while the AutoFilter was on. He has no idea what the password
may be. Is there any way to override this? Since the data was filtered, it
can't even be copied and pasted in to a new sheet.

Thanks for any help.

deanaj_99 (4)
9/2/2003 2:31:08 PM
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Thanks, this was just what we needed!


"J.E. McGimpsey" <jemcgimpsey@mvps.org> wrote in message
> Check out
>     http://www.mcgimpsey.com/excel/removepwords.html
> In article <#hH#MMWcDHA.1492@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl>,
>  "Deana" <deanaj_99@nospam.yahoo.com> wrote:
> > One of my users has inadvertently protected a worksheet (i.e. doesn't
> > how he did it) while the AutoFilter was on. He has no idea what the
> > may be. Is there any way to override this? Since the data was filtered,
> > can't even be copied and pasted in to a new sheet.
> >
> > Thanks for any help.
> >
> >

deanaj_99 (4)
9/3/2003 2:43:07 PM

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