Standard deviation to exclude 0

In our data, 0 means not applicable.
I'm using STDEVP but calculate value 0 too. Can I exclude values with

Maybe I should do search and replace!


6/12/2008 8:45:04 PM
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Enter this
as an array function.
That means use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER when you have done typing; Excel will wrap 
the formula in curly braces { ... }
You need to use the same committal it you edit the formula
best wishes
Bernard Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP

"cpliu" <> wrote in message
> In our data, 0 means not applicable.
> I'm using STDEVP but calculate value 0 too. Can I exclude values with
> 0?
> Maybe I should do search and replace!
> Thanks,

bliengme5824 (3040)
6/12/2008 8:54:48 PM
That works. Thanks for the help.
Also this one works too:

6/12/2008 10:09:22 PM

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