Splitting cells into multiple records


Here is what I am trying to do. I have an access DB that Excels pulls info 
out of and puts in a nice little format. My issue is that some of the fields 
have multiple records in it. Here is an example of the DB:

First Name | Last Name | Issue | Remediation

You would only have one first and last name, but there might be multiple 
instances in the issue and remediation cells.

First Name | Last Name | Issue 
| Remediation

John            |Smith         | Issue Number 1 
| Remediation Number 1

                                       | Issue Number 2 
| Remediation Number 2

                                       | Issue Number 3 
| Remediation Number 3

                                       | Issue Number 4 
| Remediation Number 4

The 4 issues would be in 1 cell and the 4 remediation's would be in 1 cell. 
I want to set up some sort of rule or Micro to split up the Issue and 
Remediation cell into multiple cells, but repeat the first and last name.

First Name | Last Name | Issue 
| Remediation

John           | Smith          | Issue Number 1 
| Remediation Number 1

John           | Smith          | Issue Number 2 
| Remediation Number 2

John           | Smith          | Issue Number 3 
| Remediation Number 3

John           | Smith          | Issue Number 4 
| Remediation Number 4

The information is pulling from a SharePoint list, so it would have to be 
something that would automatically when the spreadsheet is opened.

11/19/2009 11:44:28 PM
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