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I want to show the sheetname in a cell. What formule/funtion to use?

Exampel: The sheet is named "Test". I want this name to appear in cell

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1/10/2006 1:37:54 PM
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The workbook must be saved




Peo Sjoblom

"monor" <> wrote in
> I want to show the sheetname in a cell. What formule/funtion to use?
> Exampel: The sheet is named "Test". I want this name to appear in cell
> A1.
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terre081 (3244)
1/10/2006 1:57:15 PM

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Hi, could any one help me with the following: I want to change a sheetname with a formula. Is it possible and if yes how? Thanks a lot -- Message posted from Not with a formula - you'll need to use VBA. This should do it: Sub a Sheets("sheet1").Name="AnotherSheetname" end sub -- Regards Andy Wiggins Home of "Save and BackUp", "The Excel Auditor" and "Byg Tools for VBA" "maxximuss" <> wrote in message news:maxximuss.yhppz@excelforu...

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