Selecting specific data #2

Hi everyone

I have another little problem.

I have got a list of 20 items on sheet1, Cells A1 - A20 (numbered 1 - 20) and Cells B1 - B20 are items relating to that number, ie, number 1 = Concrete, number 2 = walls, and so on.

Now on sheet 2 I have a table, again cell range A1:B20.  I would like to know a formula so that when I enter a number in to column A, the corresponding item to that number appears in column B.

ie, if I enter number 8 in Cell A1 on sheet 2, then I would like Floor to appear in Cell B1.

Does this make sense?
Thanks in advance for your help

LeeKelly (12)
8/1/2004 10:03:03 AM
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Hi Lee

Data range in Sheet1 = A1:B20 for example

In Sheet2

A1 : 8
B1 : =VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet1!A1:B20,2,FALSE)

It will look for 8 in the first column of the data range and display
the value from the second column (see the number 2 in the formula)

Regards Ron de Bruin

"Lee Kelly" <> wrote in message
> Hi everyone
> I have another little problem.
> I have got a list of 20 items on sheet1, Cells A1 - A20 (numbered 1 - 20) and Cells B1 - B20 are items relating to that number,
ie, number 1 = Concrete, number 2 = walls, and so on.
> Now on sheet 2 I have a table, again cell range A1:B20.  I would like to know a formula so that when I enter a number in to column
A, the corresponding item to that number appears in column B.
> ie, if I enter number 8 in Cell A1 on sheet 2, then I would like Floor to appear in Cell B1.
> Does this make sense?
> -- 
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Lee

rondebruin (3789)
8/1/2004 10:16:01 AM

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