Repeat Rows at Top Problem

I developed an application for Excel that uses "Rows to repeat at top" (for 
the header in a table) in the event the report being printed has multiple 
pages. It has worked fine. However, a user recently reported she has a 
report with just one page and is getting the header (the "row to repeat at 
top") printed over the footer on page one. Any ideas why? Is there something 
in an Excel setting that must be changed?
Jim Kobzeff 

JK4586 (4)
12/22/2005 1:41:45 AM
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Their program might be resetting the "page margins" (her default page
margins might be .75 Inches while yours are set at .5 inches).
This could be a printer function as you might be using a laser jet and
and they could be using a inkjet.

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12/22/2005 6:39:19 AM
What about using the rows to repeat at top of page option

File, page setup, sheet tab, rows to repeat at top

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8/10/2006 5:34:25 PM

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