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I have some sheets 1;2;3;4; ETC.................
I would like the new page list release with one botton:
A1-Nome de sheet(1;2;3;4; ETC)
A3-Import (D50:D90)

Best regards


"Bob Phillips" <> ha scritto nel =
> Marcello,
> I am not absolutely clear as to what you need, but here is an initial =
> at it
> Sub CopyData()
> Dim i As Long
> Dim sh As Worksheet
>    i =3D 1
>    workheets("Other Sheet").Activate
>    For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
>        If sh.Name <> ActiveSheet.Name Then
>            sh.Range("C50:D90").Copy ActiveSheet.Range("A" & i)
>            i =3D i + 41
>            ActiveSheet.Range("A" & i).Resize(41).Value =3D sh.Name
>        End If
>    Next i
> End Sub
> --=20
> Bob Phillips
> (remove nothere from email address if mailing direct)
> "SM" <> wrote in message
> news:O7GXyeo0FHA.904@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
> I have some sheets
> In every sheet i have a date betwin C50:C80
> and the import betwin D50:D90
> Is possible that the solution is in other sheet.............?
> 1-Name sheet
> 2-Date (C50:C80)
> 3-Import (D50:D90)
> Thanks
> Marcello
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<BODY bgColor=3D#ffffff>
<DIV>I have some sheets 1;2;3;4; ETC.................<BR>I would like =
the new=20
page list release with one botton:<BR>A1-Nome de sheet(1;2;3;4;=20
ETC)<BR>A2-Date(C50:C80)<BR>A3-Import (D50:D90)<BR><BR><BR>Best=20
regards<BR><BR>Marcello<BR><BR>"Bob Phillips" &lt;<A=20
ha scritto nel messaggio <BR><A=20
Marcello,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; I am not absolutely clear as to what you need, =
here is an initial stab<BR>&gt; at it<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; Sub =
CopyData()<BR>&gt; Dim=20
i As Long<BR>&gt; Dim sh As Worksheet<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; =
i =3D=20
1<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; workheets("Other=20
Sheet").Activate<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For Each sh In=20
p; If=20
sh.Name &lt;&gt; ActiveSheet.Name=20
sh.Range("C50:D90").Copy ActiveSheet.Range("A" &amp;=20
sp; i =3D=20
i + =
ActiveSheet.Range("A" &amp; i).Resize(41).Value =3D=20
sh.Name<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; End=20
If<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Next i<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; End=20
Sub<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; -- <BR>&gt; HTH<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; Bob=20
Phillips<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; (remove nothere from email address if mailing=20
direct)<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; "SM" &lt;<A=20
href=3D""></A>&gt; wrote in =
message<BR>&gt; <A=20
I have some sheets<BR>&gt; In every sheet i have a date betwin =
and the import betwin D50:D90<BR>&gt; Is possible that the solution is =
in other=20
sheet.............?<BR>&gt; 1-Name sheet<BR>&gt; 2-Date =
3-Import (D50:D90)<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; Thanks<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;=20
Marcello<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; </DIV></BODY></HTML>


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10/21/2005 5:57:55 AM
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