Possible to 'copy' cell data into another cell?

If for example

A1 contains:  hello
B1 contains:  you

Is there a equation/command to put in cell C1  to get it to copy info
from other cells i.e. so C1  shows:  hello you


nospam7515 (2084)
2/3/2009 3:28:04 AM
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=a1 & " " & b1

If you decide you want money or dates, you can use something like:

=a1&" "&b1&text(c1,"mm/dd/yyyy")

Dave wrote:
> If for example
> A1 contains:  hello
> B1 contains:  you
> Is there a equation/command to put in cell C1  to get it to copy info
> from other cells i.e. so C1  shows:  hello you
> ????????


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
2/3/2009 3:44:57 AM

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