Populating a field conditional of the input of two cells

Hello All,
I'm trying to write a simple formula that puts a specific answe
conditional of the answers supplied in two other cells. I have followe
the formula structure as I understand it, however microsoft Excel X
doesn't like the (and statements. Could anyone enlighten me on th
correct way of doing this? 
Many thanks. (The formula is below)

> =IF(AND(F4=1,F6="XLPE"),"1",IF(AND(F4<>1,F6="XLPE"),"2",IF(AND(F4=1,F6="PE"),"3",IF(AND(F4<>1,F6="PE"),"4",IF(AND(F4=1,F6="PVC"),"5",IF(AND(F4<>1,F6="PVC"),"6",IF(AND(F4=1,F6="N"),"7",IF(AND(F4<>1,F6="N"),"8","Error")))))))

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Would this work?

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"R3df1sh" <R3df1sh.z9lnn@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> Hello All,
> I'm trying to write a simple formula that puts a specific answer
> conditional of the answers supplied in two other cells. I have followed
> the formula structure as I understand it, however microsoft Excel XP
> doesn't like the (and statements. Could anyone enlighten me on the
> correct way of doing this?
> Many thanks. (The formula is below)
> >
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