Parameter button is ghosted

Ok, I'm going to give this another shot.  My orginal question was a little 
vauge so I've rewritten below:

1) I use Data>Import External Date>New Database Query

2) I then brows to an Access data base, select the table and fields I want, 
complete the wizard and return the data to a sheet in Excel.

3) The data is correct and updates correctly but the parameter button is 
ghosted.  I realize you have to have a cell selected within the data range 
and and I do.

Any ideas?

Bdavis1 (6)
4/5/2005 10:07:02 PM
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The parameter button will become available if the query contains a 
parameter. To add one:

Select a cell in the extract range
Choose Data>Import External Data>Edit Query
Click the Cancel button, and click Yes to edit in MS Query
In MS Query, choose View>Criteria
Select a criteria field, and in the cell below, type
     a prompt, inside square brackets, e.g.
        [Enter Province]
Choose File>Return Data to Microsoft Excel
Enter the criteria when prompted, and click OK

In Excel, select a cell in the extract range
Click the Query Parameters button, and set the parameter options.

Bdavis wrote:
> Ok, I'm going to give this another shot.  My orginal question was a little 
> vauge so I've rewritten below:
> 1) I use Data>Import External Date>New Database Query
> 2) I then brows to an Access data base, select the table and fields I want, 
> complete the wizard and return the data to a sheet in Excel.
> 3) The data is correct and updates correctly but the parameter button is 
> ghosted.  I realize you have to have a cell selected within the data range 
> and and I do.
> Any ideas?

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
4/6/2005 2:33:06 AM

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