Need sum in pivot table, not count

I have a spreadsheet which I'm trying to show the sum of each item, but the
pivot table wizard only gives me a count.  It will do a sum for each column
or row, but not each item.  I can do this in a snap if I import the
spreadsheet into access and run a crosstab query, but the folks that are
going to be using this cant use access.  here's a sample of my data:

Item          Amount          Month

A02214         0                  JANUARY
A056480015 0              JANUARY
A13              -348          JANUARY
A16EPG-AD   -2000      JANUARY
A18              -1950      JANUARY
A14RS          -20          FEBRUARY
A18              -3397      FEBRUARY
A18-F          -5000      FEBRUARY
A31EP-AD         0          FEBRUARY

and I'm trying to produce this:

Item                  JANUARY      FEBRUARY

A02214              0                      0
A056480015      0                      0
A13                      -348              0
A16EPG-AD     -2000                  0
A18                  -1950                  0
A14RS              -20                  0
A18                      0                  -3397
A18-F              0                  -5000
A31EP-AD         0                      0

Can anyone help me on this?



moondaddy (4)
6/30/2004 3:11:18 PM
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> I have a spreadsheet which I'm trying to show the sum of each item,
> but the pivot table wizard only gives me a count.  It will do a sum
> for each column or row, but not each item.

Have you tried a Right Mouse Click on your Count field in the pivot table?
Third item from below in the context menu.

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