Mix-up numbers

I have a list of numbers on a spread sheet. 1-100. I would like to randomly 
mix them up. Is there a function to do this?

Thanks! Jeff
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1/24/2008 11:34:01 AM
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Thu, 24 Jan 2008 03:34:01 -0800 from Jeff 
> I have a list of numbers on a spread sheet. 1-100. I would like to randomly 
> mix them up. Is there a function to do this?

I don't believe there's a one-step way, but here's what I would do. I 
assume your numbers are in A1:A100; make appropriate adjustments for 
their actual location.

1. In C1, type  =RAND()
2. Click and drag C1:C100 to fill the cells with the formulas.
3. Highlight C1:C100, Edit | Copy.
4. Highlight B1:B100, Edit | Paste Special and select Values.
(This ensures that the random numbers won't change during the sort. 
It might be an unnecessary precaution, but does no harm.)
5. Highlight A1:B100, Data | Sort, sort Ascending on Column B. Make 
sure "No header row" is selected.
6. Delete columns B and C.

If you just wanted 100 random integers, that's easy enough with
But it looks like you want to ensure all 100 integers are in the 
list, with no duplicates. That's what makes the extra work.

Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems, Tompkins County, New York, USA
"If there's one thing I know, it's men. I ought to: it's
been my life work."  -- Marie Dressler, in /Dinner at Eight/
1/24/2008 12:19:22 PM

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