Message Alert for Changing cell data

I run a daily report in Excel that tracks levels of products in tanks
It is important to be able highlight tanks that do not change levels o
any given day. I insert the date in the report automatically. Iwoul
like to know how to flash an alert when any selected tank level does
not change for that specific da


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11/26/2004 8:10:02 AM
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How about conditional formatting to change the interior color
format>conditional format>select formula is>=a2<>b2>format as desired>OK

Don Guillett
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"jsmith59" <> wrote in message
> I run a daily report in Excel that tracks levels of products in tanks.
> It is important to be able highlight tanks that do not change levels on
> any given day. I insert the date in the report automatically. Iwould
> like to know how to flash an alert when any selected tank level does
> not change for that specific day
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> jsmith59
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11/26/2004 1:37:43 PM

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