match up column A with column B


I have a column of numbers in A, and a column of numbers in B.  There
are 180 numbers in A (A1:A180) and 130 numbers in B (B1:B130).  I need
Excel to find which numbers match up between columns, e.g look down
column A and find all the matching numbers in column B, then sort the
columns so the matched numbers are next to each other (so I can see
which numbers don't match between columns). (I have sorted the numbers
from lowest to highest down the column, so they are in numerical

I have no idea how to do this. 

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.  :)

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5/31/2005 3:16:36 PM
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Here's one way:

Insert a blank column B (current B becomes C)

In B1, enter this formula:


and copy this formula down to B180

Column B will be blank if the value in A is not found.  If the value in
A is found, the matching entry will be returned.

Will this work for you?


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5/31/2005 3:30:04 PM
swatsp0p Wrote: 
> Here's one way:
> Insert a blank column B (current B becomes C)
> In B1, enter this formula:
> =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A1,$C$1:$C$130,1,0)),"",VLOOKUP(A1,$C$1:$C$130,1,0))
> and copy this formula down to B180
> Column B will be blank if the value in A is not found.  If the value in
> A is found, the matching entry will be returned.
> Will this work for you?


Thanks for the reply, that's worked well.  Is there any way to
highlight in the now column C, which numbers didn't match up?

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5/31/2005 3:43:06 PM
In C1, use Format>Conditional Formatting as such:

Choose Formula Is: =ISERROR(MATCH(C1,$B$1:$B$180,0))  and set
Format>Patterns to your desired fill color (I like Rose :) ) to
highlight cells that don't match in Col. B

Then copy this cell (C1) and Paste Special>Formats in range C2:C130

Does this work for you?


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5/31/2005 4:01:17 PM

Yes, that also worked well.  I tried using the original formula as an
additional conditional format to highlight the matches displayed in
column B, but it's not highleted them all.  There weren't many "hits"
from column B so I sorted them manually from the list generated from
the original formula.

Thanks for your help with the problem, was much appreciated.  Sorted my
problem, literally!  :)

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5/31/2005 4:39:06 PM
I'm glad this worked for you.  Thanks for the feedback, it is always



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5/31/2005 5:50:07 PM

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