mac excel auto-form data entry list box question


i'm setting up a spreadsheet for data entry. i can set up the data as
a series of rows and add input validation constraints to them which
is all fine. but then i'd like to use the auto-form that excel can
generate and allow the user to add new records and enter the data in a
natural top to down approach. out of the box, just by hitting the form
option (pull down menu data > form) this is almost perfect except i
see that the list drop down options don't get rendered. while the
validation still occurs, i.e., the entered text must be one of the
options from
the drop down list, which is good what doesn't get shown is the little
triangle and the drop down list that the user can actually select

does anyone know how to do this? writing a custom form seems really
silly the only thing missing is the propagation of the drop down.

thanks folks,

6/25/2008 1:02:37 PM
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