Linear Regression #2

INTERCEPT (a)				12.60463992				
GRADIENT (b)				0.699961906				
45	48							
55	40							
65	90							
89	90							
100	100							
20	5							
35	15							
25	10							
45	50							
55	45							
69	80							
75	70							
86	80							
79	85							
25	12							
10	89							
0	2							
56	70
68	80
78	80
50	60
45	55
90	85
100	95
95	80
75	90
40	85
20	10
25	15
30	20
0	10
50	60
40	67
57	89
68	78
58	60
30	20
21	12
25	25
78	9

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1/10/2006 4:24:25 PM
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Look in HELP for the following functions:


and also look at some of the other statistical functions.

That should provide all the information you need for your assignment.

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 10:24:25 -0600, sturae
<> wrote:

>INTERCEPT (a)				12.60463992				
>GRADIENT (b)				0.699961906				
>45	48							
>55	40							
>65	90							
>89	90							
>100	100							
>20	5							
>35	15							
>25	10							
>45	50							
>55	45							
>69	80							
>75	70							
>86	80							
>79	85							
>25	12							
>10	89							
>0	2							
>56	70
>68	80
>78	80
>50	60
>45	55
>90	85
>100	95
>95	80
>75	90
>40	85
>20	10
>25	15
>30	20
>0	10
>50	60
>40	67
>57	89
>68	78
>58	60
>30	20
>21	12
>25	25
>78	90

ronrosenfeld (3122)
1/10/2006 5:26:26 PM

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