Keyboard shortcut for editing links with updating

Can some one post the keyboard shortcut:
When editing a link in a worksheet I don't want it update with new
value when I hit Enter because it takes long to update(going over
anetwork) and have many links to edit.

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11/3/2003 8:04:45 PM
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Hi there,

There isn't a shortcut that I know of per se - what you can do is go to
Tools-->Options on the Calculation tab change it from Automatic to Manual.
This will apply to all links and calculations, though and you will need to
press F9 to force it to update, or you can select "Recalculate before Save"
which will make it automatically recalculate prior to saving.

Instead of the above, there is the option in Edit-->Links to make it
manually update rather than automatically do so, but AFAIK this isn't
available when your links are only to other Excel workbooks, so depending on
what your links are to, this may not be an option for you.


"jceja" <> wrote in message
> Can some one post the keyboard shortcut:
> When editing a link in a worksheet I don't want it update with new
> value when I hit Enter because it takes long to update(going over
> anetwork) and have many links to edit.
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11/3/2003 10:00:26 PM

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