Issues with Integrating Multiple Spreadsheets for Reports or Queries?

We are keen to discuss and help with issues arising when needing to
query, or produce reports using multiple Excel spreadsheets (Multiple
Excel Spreadsheet Integration issues):

Issues like:
- We can=92t easily compare a choice of values in one spreadsheet with a
choice in another worksheet
- So we cannot easily answer the question =93what do all these rows have
in common with those rows=94

- We have to do a weekly report integrating multiple Project Plans,
Financial Analyses =85
- We spend tons of time cutting and pasting, sorting and merging =96 the
same process repeated every week =85
- We want to do =91reports=92 that need to draw data from several
spreadsheets that are always changing, owned by someone else, the data
is inconsistent and =91dirty=92 =85
- We want to ask quite sophisticated questions that run across many
spreadsheets, but we don=92t know in advance what we want to ask - Our
needs change dynamically as we analyse the data.

Please note that although we offer a product for Multi-Spreadsheet
Integration - we are here to help if we can, discuss and problem solve
as everyone else is doing here on their own dime - NOT merely to sell

Ian Goldsmid
Multi Excel Spreadsheet Integration:
8/8/2008 12:16:59 AM
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