Issue with CSV file

I am programmatically creating a CSV file that has a list of formulae from a
workbook/worksheet (see example below).
Note that there are 5 records in the file, tho the text might wrap below in
your newsreader to appear to have more lines.
Double clicking on the CSV file causes Excel to issue #NAME? errors for the
records marked as BAD,

The records marked as "BAD" cause Excel to try to update the text due to the
included references to worksheets.
This occurs for a formula that begin with a "-" character. And, ditto for a
I can avoid the problem by sticking an apostrophe at the beginning of a
formula that begins with "-". or by multiplying by -1 at the end of the
I can avoid the problem by sticking an apostrophe at the beginning of a
formula that begins with "+". or by deleting the "+".

Is there a better solution?


kaikow (53)
3/15/2008 4:25:32 PM
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