Intermediate Excel 2003

Can anyone suggest a good book to improve my Excel Skills.  I have a 
reasonable understanding of the main functions and basic formula creation 
but I wish to develop things a little further?

Many thanks in anticipation of any suggestions.


11/28/2007 8:20:22 PM
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Lots of suggestions at:
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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"roger lewis" <> wrote in message 
> Can anyone suggest a good book to improve my Excel Skills.  I have a 
> reasonable understanding of the main functions and basic formula creation 
> but I wish to develop things a little further?
> Many thanks in anticipation of any suggestions.
> Roger

bliengme5824 (3040)
11/28/2007 8:51:14 PM
What Excel skills are you trying to improve?  Some of the ones I'm
familiar with:

Source of many good ideas, and a quick/easy read, is Excel Hacks

General features, get something like Excel 2003 Bible (Walkenbach) or
Inside Out (MS Press) - also Learn Excel from Mr. Excel (Jelen).

Formulas, get something like Excel 2003 Formulas (Walkenbach).

Programming, get Excel 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference (Bullen et al)
or Power Programming (Walkenbach).

For any other specifics, you can find tons of books, anywhere from
financial or statistical analysis, to application development, to
"best business practices", PivotTable Recipes (Dalgleish) and
PivotTables Data Crunching (Jellen), Charts (Walkenbach), and so
forth.  My best suggestion is to pick one, and stick with it - work
through the examples, apply them to your work or school, and
experiment.  Then, move on.

On Nov 28, 3:20 pm, "roger lewis" <> wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a good book to improve my Excel Skills.  I have a
> reasonable understanding of the main functions and basic formula creation
> but I wish to develop things a little further?
> Many thanks in anticipation of any suggestions.
> Roger

iasafiev (57)
11/28/2007 9:50:23 PM

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