Importing external data in plain text row format

I have data in the following format:
-------------------Begin Sample Data----------------------
Fernando E. Amuchastegui
Office of the County Attorney
115 S. Andrews Avenue
Suite 423
Fort Lauderdale   33301
954-357-7600 Voice
954-357-7641 Fax

Ronald J. Anania
Law Offices of Ronald J. Anania
10910 S W 10th Court
Davie   33324
954-476-9616 Voice
954-476-9693 Fax

Eric J. Anders
Haley Sinagra Paul & Toland, P.A.
100 SE 3 Avenue
Suite 1900
Fort Lauderdale   33394
954-467-1300 Voice
954-467-1372 Fax

Hal B. Anderson
Billing Cochran Heath Lyles & Mauro, P.A.
888 S.E. 3rd. Avenue
Ste. 301
Fort Lauderdale   33316
954-764-7150 Voice
954-764-7279 Fax
-------------------End Sample Data----------------------

Ultimately I need this in Outlook as individual contacts... the data I
have is 20K+rows long including line breaks between records, which
works out to approximately 1/8 that many individual contact records. I
am assuming I need to wrestle with this in excel before sending it to

What is the best way to convert this, and can someone walk me through
at least the basics? I cannot seem to find a reliable way using any of
the import functions.

11/13/2005 11:02:27 PM
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