If Then Else??

Cat	Indic	Apple	Banana	Coconut Durian
Ripe	(R)	10	30	50	70
Unripe	(U)	60	40	20	10
Seeded	(SD)	70	0	0	80
Seedless(SL)	0	70	70	0

If I have a 1 column for either Fruits (Apple, Banana, Coconut or Durian)and another on Indicators (R, U, SD, SL), at the row that I have maybe listing Apple & Unripe, I want to extract the quantity (60), how do I go about with the If Then Else function?

nora.khoo (1)
3/19/2012 7:11:36 AM
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Am Mon, 19 Mar 2012 07:11:36 GMT schrieb khoo nora:

> Cat	Indic	Apple	Banana	Coconut Durian
> Ripe	(R)	10	30	50	70
> Unripe	(U)	60	40	20	10
> Seeded	(SD)	70	0	0	80
> Seedless(SL)	0	70	70	0

try Pivot Table:
drag Indicator to column and Apple, Banana, Coconut and Durian to

Claus Busch
Win XP PRof SP2 / Vista Ultimate SP2
Office 2003 SP2 /2007 Ultimate SP2
claus_busch (107)
3/19/2012 7:18:16 AM

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