How to search and add a value from sheet1 to sheet2


Let's say you have one sheet with a list of products.
Column1 = product name
Column2 = product number

I would like to have a cell on Sheet2, where I can start typing something, 
and it would let me see a list based on what I typed so far.
E.g when I type "Volks" it should show a list of all Volkswagen Cars.

If I then choose the value, it should use this value and add the product 
number in the cell next to it.

What function should I use, or how can I do this?


Roel (1)
3/7/2005 12:37:02 PM
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You could use Data Validation drop-down list for the selecting the product
name and VLOOKUP for adding the product number.

DV info at Debra Dalgleish's site.

Also VLOOKUP info.

As far as the "autocomplete" goes, a regular DV drop-down will not function
this way.

To get autocomplete use a combination of DV and a ComboBox.

Data Validation Combobox-- Double-click on a cell that contains a data
validation list, and a combobox appears -- font size can be set, more than 8
rows displayed, and autocomplete can be enabled. Macros must be enabled.
DataValCombobox.xls 32 kb

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 04:37:02 -0800, "Roel" <>

>Let's say you have one sheet with a list of products.
>Column1 = product name
>Column2 = product number
>I would like to have a cell on Sheet2, where I can start typing something, 
>and it would let me see a list based on what I typed so far.
>E.g when I type "Volks" it should show a list of all Volkswagen Cars.
>If I then choose the value, it should use this value and add the product 
>number in the cell next to it.
>What function should I use, or how can I do this?

3/7/2005 3:43:04 PM

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