How to fill down without changing the format?

Does anyone know how to fill a cell's formula/value down without changing
the format (color, font, etc.)?

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tbennett (2)
8/26/2003 6:04:54 PM
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Just drag it down.

"T Bennett" <> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how to fill a cell's formula/value down without changing
> the format (color, font, etc.)?
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> Todd Bennett
> Mechanical Designer
> Celerity Group, Inc.
> 9660 SW Herman Rd
> Tualatin, OR 97062
> Phone: 888-724-3221
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papaji (6)
8/26/2003 6:41:00 PM
Very nice, thanks.

"Debra Dalgleish" <> wrote in message
> 1. Point to the Fill Handle, and press the RIGHT mouse button.
> 2. Drag down, then release the button.
> 3. From the shortcut menu, choose Fill Without Formatting
> T Bennett wrote:
> > Does anyone know how to fill a cell's formula/value down without
> > the format (color, font, etc.)?
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> Debra Dalgleish
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tbennett (2)
9/2/2003 3:37:10 PM

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