how do I copy a range to a new sheet

Now that I this group solved my problem of flagging dates of my club members
as "expired", how would I automatically copy all of the members that are
expired to a new worksheet so I can use this for a mail merge?

I would need to check the condition of the expired column, YES or NO, then
copy the yes's name and address columns only to a new page.


10/2/2003 8:38:06 PM
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Why not just add that column and when you use mailmerge, just include the
records with that flag set the way you need?

If you really want to copy the rows, you could apply Data|Filter|Autofilter and
filter to show just those members who are expired (bad choice of words!).

Then copy the visible rows to the new worksheet.  Then come back and delete the
visible rows you don't need.

(I like the mailmerge option better.)

Another option would be to add that flag column, sort your data by that column
and copy and paste from that nice contiguous group of rows.  (6 of one, half
dozen of the other...)

Dave_D wrote:
> Now that I this group solved my problem of flagging dates of my club members
> as "expired", how would I automatically copy all of the members that are
> expired to a new worksheet so I can use this for a mail merge?
> I would need to check the condition of the expired column, YES or NO, then
> copy the yes's name and address columns only to a new page.


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
10/3/2003 12:58:20 AM

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