Forms and Input Data

I created a report form on Sheet 1 and a set of input data on subsequen
Sheets 2, 3, ... link to the report. The report is to show informatio
on either of the data I select.

Are there simple steps for me to pick either set of data I want t
display on the report? I've thought of a pull-down menu so that if  
select "1", the report will show data set "1", and so on. Yet I don'
know how to do it. I tried the "replace" command by highlighting al
the cell in the Report sheet then type "2" in place of "1" to replac
the data set then hitting Ctrl-Enter to make the change. However, thi
create a problem because of the many similar number "1", "2", etc. 
have the the cells.

I am a programming illiterate guy. Please help. Thanks. :confused

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10/25/2004 3:22:08 PM
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