Floating form/window?

Hello all.

Is there a way to have a "floating"  form on an Excel spreadsheet?  What
I mean is to have a form (with controls) that always is available no
matter what worksheet the user clicks on.

For my particular project, there will be about 50 worksheets in this one
project.  What I want is to have a form (or window) that is always
available so that the user can add a new member whenever they wish.

I thought about using a command button, but then I don't know how to
make that button appear on each worksheet.

The new member would always be added to the active worksheet (or the
current worksheet to date), so if I had a way to always make a button
appear on the current-to-date worksheet, that would work.

Can anyone help me here?


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dhousto6 (10)
10/10/2004 7:47:10 PM
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dont know if this will do it for you but what about setting up a custo
toolbar with the buttons you need on that, once you set it up it wil
be on every workshee

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