Finding combinations of cells that sum to near a value

Starting with a column of ~30 numbers, I'm looking for a way to have
Excel find all combinations that sum to a target value +/- a specified
range width. (For example, I may be looking for all combinations that
sum to 1000 +/- 10.)

I've found some code from Tushar Mehta that finds a list of all
possible matches that sum to a number, but it doesn't allow me to put
in a range to find sums to within a delta of this value. I tried
modifying the code to add this in, but I couldn't get it to work
right. Here is the code:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,
lbnorin (2)
6/30/2009 8:32:40 PM
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Clarification: I did get the code to almost work, but when I put in a
range (labeled Diff in the code) it no longer returns all possible
combinations, only some of them. Here's the code:

Sub Combinations()
Option Explicit
 Function RealEqual(A, B, C)
    RealEqual = Abs(A - B) <= C
    End Function
Function ExtendRslt(CurrRslt, NewVal, Separator)
    If CurrRslt = "" Then ExtendRslt = NewVal _
    Else ExtendRslt = CurrRslt & Separator & NewVal
    End Function
Sub recursiveMatch(ByVal MaxSoln As Integer, ByVal TargetVal, InArr(),
        ByVal CurrIdx As Integer, _
        ByVal CurrTotal, ByVal Diff As Double, _
        ByRef Rslt(), ByVal CurrRslt As String, ByVal Separator As
    Dim I As Integer
    For I = CurrIdx To UBound(InArr)
        If RealEqual(CurrTotal + InArr(I), TargetVal, Diff) Then
            Rslt(UBound(Rslt)) = ExtendRslt(CurrRslt, I, Separator)
            If MaxSoln = 0 Then
                If UBound(Rslt) Mod 100 = 0 Then Debug.Print UBound
(Rslt) & "=" & Rslt(UBound(Rslt))
                If UBound(Rslt) >= MaxSoln Then Exit Sub
                End If
            ReDim Preserve Rslt(UBound(Rslt) + 1)
        ElseIf CurrTotal + InArr(I) > TargetVal + Diff Then
        ElseIf CurrIdx < UBound(InArr) Then
            recursiveMatch MaxSoln, TargetVal, InArr(), I + 1, _
                CurrTotal + InArr(I), Diff, Rslt(), _
                ExtendRslt(CurrRslt, I, Separator), _
            If MaxSoln <> 0 Then If UBound(Rslt) >= MaxSoln Then Exit
            'we've run out of possible elements and we _
             still don't have a match
            End If
        Next I
    End Sub
Function ArrLen(Arr()) As Integer
    On Error Resume Next
    ArrLen = UBound(Arr) - LBound(Arr) + 1
    End Function
Sub startSearch()
    'The selection should be a single contiguous range in a single
column. _
     The first cell indicates the number of solutions wanted.  Specify
zero for all. _
      The 2nd cell is the target value. _
      The 3rd cell sets the range around the target value. _
      The rest of the cells are the values available for matching. _
      The output is in the column adjacent to the one containing the
input data.
    Dim TargetVal, Rslt(), InArr(), StartTime As Date, MaxSoln As
Integer, Diff As Double
    MaxSoln = Selection.Cells(1).Value
    TargetVal = Selection.Cells(2).Value
    Diff = Selection.Cells(3).Value
    InArr = Application.WorksheetFunction.Transpose( _
        Selection.Offset(3, 0).Resize(Selection.Rows.Count - 3).Value)
    ReDim Rslt(0)
    recursiveMatch MaxSoln, TargetVal, InArr, LBound(InArr), 0, Diff,
        Rslt, "", ", "
    Selection.Offset(0, 1).Resize(ArrLen(Rslt), 1).Value = _
    End Sub
lbnorin (2)
6/30/2009 8:57:48 PM

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