Excel 2007 "document not saved" when on a network share AND file set as an offline file


Have this annoying REPEATABLE problem with Excel 2007 running on Vista
Business saving to a share on Windows Server 2003. On the client,
Vista and Excel all up-to-date with SPs, the machine is part of a
domain, and some files on different shares are set to be available

On the server, Windows 2003 also up-to-date, the client user has full
permissions in all the directories in question - both share
permissions and NTFS permissions), and the directory is set to make
only files users specify to be available offline.

Client has no problem opening and saving files in Excel that are NOT
marked as available offline. Also no problems with the new native file

So now here is the problem - as soon as a file available offline AND
in Excel 2003 format is opened by Excel, the properties of that file
indicate that the file is offline. i.e. the process of opening the
file moves its status to offline. Then any attempt to save the file
results in the dreaded "document not saved" error message. This occurs
with a constant dedicated network connection. So, a work around has
been to save it local and then drag and drop it over to the network
when finished. Another work around (that works sometimes when Excel
lets it happen) is to open the properties of the file AFTER opened by
Excel, hit the [Sync] button to move the file back to online - and
then for the rest of the session it stays online and you can save it
at will.

So in summary, it seems that Excel 2007 has the nasty habit of moving
an XLS document from online to offline upon opening and then cannot
save it anymore. Anyone else have this issue or a fix? Using Office
2007 organization wide hinges on it.


rhertzler (1)
5/18/2007 6:11:39 PM
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